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Sustainability in Print - The Pandemic Effect (Part 2)

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Nathan Swinson-Bullough (Managing Director at Imageco), Dominic Harris (Co-Founder at Carbon Quota), Karis Copp (host).

In the latest episode of FESPA UK's In Conversation With series, Karis Copp speaks with Nathan Swinson-Bullogh, Director at ImageCo, and Dominic Harris from Carbon Quota, about the topic of sustainability. This is the second of 3 parts on this topic, in which we talk about what effect the pandemic has had on sustainability in the industry.


Dominic Harris is the co-founder of Carbon Quota, a programme that helps print and signage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and start their sustainability journey. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Nathan Bullough is the director of Imageco, a UK-based print and design agency and is the co-founder of NHS Sustainability Partnerships, an organisation that drives and promotes sustainability within the UK National Health Service.

This video is a part of our Sustainability & The Environment Series. You'll find more videos, articles, events & resources over on our sustainability hub.

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