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Big things have small beginnings.
Let's make a start together.

We believe making Print Greener, is easier together! 

Our Mission

We have started to compile a selection of services and resources that have been tried and tested by FESPA UK Members and have been extremely  beneficial to their print businesses. 

This is an ongoing project and we welcome requests from our members with regards to new services you would like us to research and source for you.

FESPA UK will do all the leg work so you
don't have to, meaning your valuable time isn't wasted searching for the services you require. 

Clean Energy
Green Buildings

How It Works

Using our Product Directory, you can compare the key qualities for sustainable alternative materials from a variety of our industry’s leading suppliers.  You can quickly evaluate the differences between your current materials and the responsible alternatives and see quickly how and if you can dispose of them in a responsible way.  

Our Waste Management programme aims to bring printers and suppliers from around the UK together, to work as a collective group, to create an infrastructure that allows more printers to recycle smaller amounts of materials that would normally be sent to landfill.

Our Resource Centre is full of all our previous webinars and in conversation with videos so you can rewatch the conversations at your leisure. We have also created a cost of being green page, which gives you access to our financial experts who could help you claim money back for becoming sustainable, or help you raise the funds you need to take the next steps.

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